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Ann and Tom, Thank you so much for helping me with my pool—the calls and trips. I feel rather silly that Tom's trip was due to me not replacing the Jandy lid properly, but what a blessing—I got some instructions on how to operate my pool! It's sparkling blue again and everyone is happy (because I am—ha ha ha). I appreciate all your help! You guys do an excellent job, especially in customer service!!! Carol Jamison

Email Message Received 10/10/16

Dear Ann and Tom Chapman, Just wanted to say Thank You for the excellent job your crew did on the jacuzzi repair. The time they took to ensure they completely repaired the leak and replace the original decking as close to original condition was amazing! We will definitely use your team for any future issues!

Regards, Joey and Erin Lekovich

Email Message Received 11/4/15

I would like to thank you for great communication with the pool light replacement. Also, for the professional job that was performed. The men cleaned up after the job and were very courteous.

Once again, thank you
John P., Pearland

Phone Message Received 10/16/15

Hi, Ann - Jim P. here. Garrett came by today and looks like everything is running good. So, I wanted to call and say thank you very much! I appreciate your help...thank you guys very much, I appreciate it. Garrett did a good job. Bye."

Email received 10/15/14 (following replastering pool and replacing missing tile and adding trim tile to steps and ledges)

We just wanted to say thanks to Integrity for the great job and excellent customer service you provided. If more home improvement companies were able to execute the same family oriented, refreshing style of business you have; my life would be much easier and the world would be a better place.
Thad Dunham, Houston

Email received 3/12/14
(following replastering and replacing coping and tile)
It's like a whole new backyard! We love it!
Jessica Greenlee, League City

Email received 3/12/14

Thank you, There's a reason you have an excellent reputation. It's because you've earned it.
Danny Williams, Williams Pool Service

Email received 2/15/14 (following replastering and retiling their pool)

We are thrilled with the results. Pool looks GREAT! James loves how good it looks. Thank You! You made the entire project flow. It is difficult to find people that we can rely on but you certainly were that and more! Thank you for staying on top of every step of our pool project. That is what is so awesome about your business and we will always remember.

Glenda Tankersley

Email received 9/19/13 (in response to our email to customer):

Yes thanks for the follow-up everything is working fine! I will call you in the morning to pay my invoice.
I appreciated your husband working on Saturday! After the game we were able to use the pool in the evening on Saturday as intended with no worries!
Thanks again, a loyal customer!

Call received 7/25/13:

Just wanted to Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..... we are so happy with the tile job, they redid the top incorporating some little clear glass beads that I had. We are really happy with the final outcome. Thanks again.

Sue Hall, Dickinson (same job as customer comment below).

Email received 7/25/13:

Thanks Ann and Tom for the quick response today, the tile job turned out great, the Foreman knew his business very well and we appreciate you working with us, we will highly recommend your business to everyone. Have a great weekend!
Duane Hall, Dickinson

Phone message received 12/4/2012:

Hey Ann this Kosel. Hey, I just wanted to leave just a great review about Michael. He's just such a great kid. He came out here we were able to determine the leak .... He was just a fantastic kid. Wanted to thank you for sending him our way and want to thank you also as well for giving me the earlier appointment, of course, we were really concerned about this leak continuing on. So, look forward to you sending your other repair guys out here, Keep me posted, I know you will. Talk to you soon.

Phone message received 10/3/2012:

Hi Ann, this is Julie Cassidy, I'm home now from our trip and I checked out the work and the pool looks so clean, it looks awesome, and I appreciate everything that you all have done.... Thank you again for taking care of the repairs. It's nice to know that we have somebody here who can do that when we aren't around and help us out.

Email received 4/14/2012:

Thanks for your help, .... Like I said before, I'll wait for your service. The guy that came out last summer was great. No sure if it was your son, but whoever he was, he was a great representative for your business.
J. Haas, Pearland

Email received 3/22/2012 (following replastering a pool)

Ann, the pool looks great!!! I am amazed how wonderful it looks. It is filling up fast... It really looks good, I did not realize how bad our pool looked compared to the way it looks now, WOW, what a difference.
Darryl, Pasadena

Email received 3/9/2012:

We have used you for pool service several times over the years and it has always worked well. As I indicated to Tom, we have had some problems with other people and are happy we have found someone who we can trust to do the job right.
Best regards,
Bob Day, Friendswood, TX

Phone call 2/17/2012:

Mr. Briggs from Taylor Lake Village who we have done numerous jobs for several years called with a question concerning his pool cleaner. After answering his questions, Mr. Briggs said "I just thought I'd call and get your expertise, Ann thanked him for calling and then he said "Who ELSE would I call"

Email received 2/2/2012:

Good morning Ann,
Yes, I'm filling the pool right now. Your guys did a great job, I will defiantly refer you to friends and family.
I should be home both Friday and Saturday, just give me a quick call before hand.
Thanks again,
Email received 7/27/2011:

You have great guys working for you! They were just a joy to be around!!! Thanks! Cathy Campbell (sent from my iPhone)

Comment received thru website on 6/17/2011:

I was very impressed with my repairman, Dathan. He was extremely professional, friendly and answered all of my questions. I'm happy to have a pool repair company I can trust. Dathan is an excellent representative for your company. Thanks.

J Haas

Review dated 4/19/2011 from Yahoo:

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by What the heck


I have used Integrity Pools for various tasks. They are very knowledgeable, efficient and very honest. I would recommend them to anyone!

Phone message received April 6, 2010:

You don't need to call back, this is Art Lietz. You just had a young man here and come back and fix the pool leak that you guys tested a few months back. I just wanted to say that it is a pleasure to do business with a company like yours, the people you have, the young man is excellent, and I just appreciate working with honest people and I'll be calling you again, hopefully, not too soon. Again, thank you for your honesty and integrity. You've got a good name. Bye.

Art Lietz

League City, TX

Received April 15, 2009

Ann, thank you so much!..... We would like to tell you that the WATER LEVEL in our pool has not gone down at all. We are really happy THANK YOU!!!!!!


Received April 13, 2009

Tom and Ann. Thank you so much for your help with our pool leak and repairs. We can actually see a big difference.

Richard & Mark

Received March 13, 2009

Tom, please feel free to add Jody's comments to your website. Jody was so impressed with his experience with you that he posted something on the internet.

Thanks again for everything.

Heather James

Received March 11, 2009

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your time and effort with the leak under our pool. As a mechanical engineer, I could completely appreciate the process you used to troubleshoot our lines and to systematically narrow down the location of our leak. As a homeowner, I was very appreciative that you honored your quoted price even though the job was much more complex than originally anticipated - 12 hours at our home today was a bargain for the amount we were billed! I will recommend your company without reservation to any of our friends who need pool services or repairs.

Thanks again!

Jody James

Received November 24, 2008:

Ann, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help with all of this. You really went above and beyond. I will recommend your company to anyone needing your services as your good spiritedness shows that you run a quality business.....

Thank you again, .....


Received on 11/17/08:

Tom, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to fix my pool pump problem rather than just saying I need a new pool pump, I returned the capacitor to warehouse pool supply which i had purchased for $30.00 and got a refund I told them my story and they were also impressed and my response was that's why I have only used integrity pool repair in the 6 years that I have had my pool. Thanks again.


Received on 7/15/08:

Ann & Tom (and Nathan),

I stopped by the pool this morning and was very pleased to see the pool cleaner working perfectly. I'm very happy with your work and in particular with the way it was carried out.

There are lots of business choices that we all get to make. For example lots of pool service company choices. I was lucky enough to pick you. Your company name is just carried out your work with patience, expertise, and INTEGRITY. Its just a word...and in your case a company name. However you and your employees understand it an live it. There is no question Tom's leadership in this area sets the tone for the company. You are straight up with the customers, and make clear commitments that you keep. I know this job took a bit longer than anticipated, and you stuck with the original bid. All three of you were patient with my questions and stayed engaged until I was satisfied with the answer.

I tend to recommend you to anyone I know with a pool.

Thanks very much for the repair, the result, and again for the kind way you accomplished it.



Received 3/16/08:

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us out....It is nice to know when you can count on someone to do a job right!!!!!


Phone call received on August 29, 2006:

"My name is Thomas B. My father, Terry, was doing some business with you guys over here in Baytown and I just wanted to give you guys a call and to let you know that the individual you had working on our pool, Luis, is an outstanding individual. He is so pool-savvy, and pool-smart and a very intelligent person, and very nice—one of the nicest people that I've ever had come to the house and work on anything. Just wanted to let you guys know that Luis is an outstanding gentleman. So, thank you very much for y'all's service. It was definitely greatly appreciated and have a pleasant afternoon."

Email received on July 3, 2006:

Mr. & Mrs. Chapman,

My wife and I want to say thank you for having your technician come out today and teach us how to maintain the pool. We have had some bad luck in getting someone to come over and not only did your company give us a date and time, but you actually showed up unlike the other guys. Your technician was very helpful and taught us how to handle the pool so it doesn't get out of hand. He was very thorough and insightful and we really appreciate this.

In the future, if we need work done, we will definately be calling.

Again, thanks for everything,
Chris & Christina

Voice message received on May 23, 2006:

"Hi, this is Jeana. Fernando went by and worked on my pool today and I wanted to call and thank you for responding so quickly. I was in a state of panic and really wasn't sure what was going on. So, I just wanted to say thank you very much for being there when I needed you. Thanks again."

Dear Tom and Ann, I just wanted to thank you both for Tom coming over today to fix my pool light! I felt so dumb not knowing about the reset button or where it was! I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendliness and great customer service. Thanks for the education too! Sincerely, Holly Mize

Tom and Ann, Rich and I want to thank you for taking care of our pool. You have made it very enjoyable for us. We have sold our house and will close on 7-20-05. So I have paid three weeks in July. We have left your name and number with the new owners and told them how great you have maintained our pool. Again, thanks, Judy

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